Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black History Month? Valentine's Day? Why choose only one?

While perusing the web in search of something to write about for Valentine's Day, I came across this pair of series that possessed the same title:

The first image is of a 1955 comic from Charlton, the publisher who gave us Blue Beetle and Captain Atom; it's actually a reprint from the a series from 1950 Fawcett -- original publisher of the Billy Batson Captain Marvel, of course -- depicted in the second image (albeit a different issue.) And while it may cause us to cringe in our self-consciously open-minded era, it does raise questions about the state of race and culture in the current mainstream comics industry.

You can read more (but only a little, because these comics are expensive and obscure) here at the blog Black Superheroines! Check it out.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Not My Content

Classic Comics Covers, Animated. The first and third are my favourite.

Movies From An Alternate Universe. Some of these might have turned out better than the ones in our world did.

Real DBB update on the horizon.