Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And Let That Be a Lesson To You

I was visiting the 50-cent bin at one of my local shoppes today, as they periodically restock with comics that are sitting in their "warehouse" (which I believe is code for "basement".) I tend to think of them as a pretty well-run shop, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, so I'm a bit surprised by how many copies of recent comics make up the bulk of these bins. And while people often talk about longboxes full of Youngblood #1 or The Death of Superman turning up in these places, one title stood out to me as I was flipping through box after box:

Superman/Batman #5 had forty-one copies in just one box. FORTY-ONE. At fifty-cents an issue, you could walk into the store with a $20 bill and still not be able to buy all the copies of this comic that are sitting there.

Draw your own conclusions.

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