Thursday, March 17, 2011

A True Irish-American Hero



  1. how ironic, the actor who played Alfred in the crapy Batman movies (which would be all of them before Christopher Nolan revamped the film franchise)also just passed away.
    the thing about the TV show was that at the time as a kid it was better then nothing. it was kinda like when Spiderman came on the Electric Company Show. it was cheesy but hey it was live action! the Batmobile from the TV show is still awesome to this day. i have a small die cast one stuck on my dashboard. when you think about it the car was totally impractical as far as crime fighting. i'm mean really, do want to be in a open glass canopy when thugs are opening fire on your car. but hey, it still looked good.

  2. I still enjoy the show today. The open glass canopy wasn't really an issue because nobody ever fired at them in the first place. :)

  3. so Jamie your quite the mystery blogger here. your profile doesn't really say anything about you like around how old you are or what city your in. you told me you were a Suicide Squad fan. what got you into that title? got a favorite character/s. do you draw or paint?

  4. Well, I grew up in the 80s, I live in Canada, and I can't honestly remember what got me into the Squad. At the time I got most of my comics at corner stores, so I never really followed any one series - just bought what looked interesting.

    I draw badly. :)